#Idea – An online platform and app to IMPROVE DEMOCRACY for Refugees
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Refugees come to Europe to escape war, totalitarian regimes and persecution; paradoxically, they frequently end up in situations where freedom of choice and democracy are limited.

  • Often this happens in refugee camps, where although sometimes representatives are elected, people still describe their condition as ‘living in a prison’. Refu.rendum (Refugees + Referendum) is an online platform and app that gives refugees the possibility to vote on topics related to the camp they’re stationed in and on refugee status at large.
  • It is a way of including refugees in a democratic framework that affects them directly, and of allowing them to regain a sense of community by making relevant choices for themselves.
  • As refugee you log in the platform and you can participate in the ‘question of the week’, either regarding local (camp) or general refugee issues.
  • For example: What does the Calais camp need? A new playground, more toilets, a community center or new pavements?

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