One old minibus and 1,300 books: the mobile library
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Source: Guardian

  • While volunteering in refugee camps in Greece, Laura Samira Naude and Esther ten Zijthoff realised that the people they met needed more than food and shelter:
  • they wanted to study, to work for their future and to find a sense of purpose. Naude and Zijthoff were determined to provide a quiet space, amid the upheaval and uncertainty, where people could use their time rather than just fill it.
  • The pair decided to launch Education Community Hope and Opportunity (Echo) and open a library on wheels.

Ideasforsocial.org comments:

  • Library can play important role in self education and especially in remote villages where the probability of having educational institutions is very Low and setting up library like this can increase the habit of reading
  • And there by more knowledge to the people thus helps to develop their skills to take care of them.
  • Also : this idea is cost effective and crowd sourcing of people help will allow to execute faster.


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