Be a part of Community

Anyone interested in working with us on a Nonprofit platform?

What will you get out of it?

  • a greater satisfaction that you did something meaningful to the world
  • Proud of being an initiator and being an example to others
  • In career level: you can add that in your CV and LinkedIn (the one who knows the benefit behind this will never miss) (your name, photo, your professional profile link will be in our website )
  • As a person, you will Develop yourself how to be part of something big
  • Getting networking connection from multi-national people to learn and be inspired

What ends users get from the platform?

  • an inspiration for their next meaningful things
  • Ideas to improve their life, community, and the world
  • An exploration of innovating nonprofit ideas around the world which they can implement

What exactly you need to do?

You decide what you want to do… The types of help we are expecting is

  • an easy job with less than 30minutes: it’s easy as posting a facebook status. post some ideas which you saw and it can help someone else (it can be from helping a empowering a poor kid to save your government from corruption)
  • Medium job: Take control of any category on the website, be an owner of that category, check the contents whether they are useful to you and everyone. Approve or disapprove the contents, email the posted users to correct the content or you be the editor and correct it. Make sure people are really inspired when they visit your category
  • Large Job:  you could be a developer or designer(UI/ UX person) or growth hacker or digital savvy or content writer, etc. Find anything interesting to you or find a thing we can improve on. Update us that you are going to work on this, we will let you know if that is really needed for community, if it makes sense, you can go ahead developing it and we will do any help to make sure you reach That goal

So on each of this 3 jobs, based on the amount of time you put on first 90days will be considered as a part of official Team. If not, still your contribution will be always on the website as contributor! We will never expect more than 10hours per month from you.

Let us know if you are interested in filling this Google form

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We are not associated with any commercial form, all ideas shared here are for non-profit.

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