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Just sharing my personal story !

I always believe in one thing. Give people what they can’t afford but you can afford. You can’t measure that level of happiness. Try it.

I wanna share this simple thing that most of us can do. It costs you nothing. I travel to so many countries as part of my job. I get to stay in some of the best hotels across world. Every hotel provides me with toiletries . Say a bottle of shampoo, body wash, a bottle of body lotion and sometimes even a bottle of conditioner (comes in small tubes at times), a small bar of soap, dental kit comprises of toothpaste and a brush.

My simple question here is “how many of us really use these toiletries?”
Not many of us, Including me. I stayed thrice in a resort in the northern England in the last couple of years and they provided toiletries of one of the very known brands “Molton Brown” but I refused to use it. Because, we all are very particular and sometimes fussy about our toiletries and cosmetics , agreed ? ? we use only what we are used to it. That’s just us because we have options and affordability.

Now let’s look at the flip side of it, do u know in our country how many people don’t take regular showers just because they can’t afford toiletries. Do you know the small Kid in the slum always fancies that shampoo that comes on flashy TV AD but never could afford one.

This is what I do. I bag all the toiletries that I get from the hotels I stay. I promptly bring them home after all it’s mine. I come back home piles them up and once I have a considerable quantity, I carry them with me in bicycle and go to a nearby slum where underprivileged people live. I call those boys and tell them I brought these for u from country X and this is for u and give it to them.

Once a fella asked me Anna where did u bring these from ? I said UK. He asked UK means where is it ? I said England… United Kingdom.. Britain .. Na he still didn’t get it. Then I said this is from a country where London is. He started jumping and called everyone over saying Hey guys, come on. This Anna (bro) has brought stuffs for us from London. That made my day ❤️

Isn’t it very simple way of bringing happiness in someone s life?

Here is the crux:

This whole activity has costed me no money !! U just need to make some space in your check in bags.

But it has brought happiness on so many faces and there is a contribution towards someone’s hygiene ?

Always carry your toiletries form the hotels. Don’t leave them behind. You don’t have to save cost for the wealthy hotels. They have already charged you for the toiletries. It’s yours. Carry them and give it to those who need it. If u cant find those who need it, find me and hand it Over to me. I know the people who need it!!!

PS People gave me cheap looks when I told them I bag my hotel toiletries. When I told them the reason why I do it, they have given me their share of toiletries for distribution. That’s You you make a change ?

Here is the collection from ITC Kakatiya ? Boys are u ready ? I’m comin:)

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